The Kuwait Times: “Surprising Georgia”

“Spoken Georgian is like no other language you are likely to hear.” Old Tbilisi, photo by, Sep 02, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

In the heart of the Caucasus is a country unknown to many. It’s a hidden gem that’s rich in tradition and culture and is waiting to be explored, writes a journalist for The Kuwait Times.

From its unique cultural heritage and ancient architecture to its diverse landscape, Georgia, or ‘Sakartvelo’ as it’s called by the locals, is a place that will entertain, astound and intrigue all who visit, the author writes.

The country’s greatest treasure is the Georgians themselves: warm, proud, high-spirited, cultured, obsessively hospitable and experts at enjoying life. This is a country where guests are considered a blessing. The abundant local wine flows freely, tables are laden with fine food and you will never cease to be delighted by the warmth this country offers.”

The article, accompanied with a plush array of photographs, emphatically describes many aspects of Georgian culture and how it influences everyday life – from dance, music, religion, with special emphasis on traditional feasts (supra) which can last for hours.

The article also notes how Georgia strives to modernise itself, evident in its variable architecture where modern is nestled amongst the ancient. Georgia’s ancient language is celebrated, with the author stating: "Spoken Georgian is like no other language you are likely to hear.”

"Rare sounds pronounced from the back of the throat with a sudden guttural puff of air that many visitors may never have heard before, makes Georgian language unique in its own way. What is even more bizarre, but very fitting to a country of dramatic personalities, is Georgian 33-letter alphabets forming these rare sounds.”

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