Silk Road Reporters: “Georgia Eager to Capitalize on European Partnership”

Author is observing Georgia's further development after sighning AA with EU. Photo by N.Alavidze/, Aug 19, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

Exciting times are ahead for Georgia as the country looks to implement the Association Agreement it recently signed with the European Union (EU), continues developing the rule of law and works to strengthen its national and regional security by bolstering its military defences, writes Joshua Noonan.

In an piece on the Silk Road Reporters website, author Noonan discusses Georgia’s bright future and opportunities that derive from signing the AA with the EU. An EU-commissioned independent study estimated this move would boost Georgia’s economy by 4.3 percent and an additional €292 million (671 million GEL) in GDP, driven by the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area agreement.

Noonan writes how the EU market could open up and "allow Georgia to export its agricultural products, wine and mineral water to a rich and integrating region of the world”.

In addition, Georgia’s ongoing reform process, including easing visa regulations, could have huge benefits for Georgia.

Through these administrative efforts, investment, education and the flow of capital and information can be accelerated between the EU and Georgia,” he writes.

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