The Guardian: Profile of Georgia

"Resort town Borjomi is famous for its mineral water and its vast natural part.", Jul 25, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

A profile on Georgia is now available on the website of famous British national daily newspaper, The Guardian.

On the website visitors can find vast amounts of information about Georgia – the country located in the Caucasian region.

Georgia is introduced as a country of culture with a rich ancient history and a place where visitors can find many adventures. The website describes Georgia’s current economic state to allow people to gain a better understanding of how the country operates and its role in the world, and even showcases some of Georgia’s unique landscape in pictures.

Director for Caucasus, Moldova and Belarus European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Bruno Balvanera said Georgia was a "truly western country”.

The leaders have all been educated either in Europe or in the US and [it has] a very strong affiliation with France, the UK, the US and Germany as opposed to other countries where they remain very local. Here the people are thinking very much in terms of overseas and this is why the association agreement makes sense. There is no doubt that Georgia is a western-oriented country.

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