ECFR: Georgia and Moldova to sign Association Agreement with the EU

Georgia will hold a series of celebrations to mark a step forward into EU integration. Photo by PM's Press Office., Jun 26, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

This Friday marks another milestone in the fall-out from last November’s Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius – Georgia and Moldova will sign Association Agreements with the European Union.

However, Russia has expressed its "hostility” towards the signing of the AAs.

What people should expect from Russia in response to Georgia and Moldova’s European aspiration was emphasized by Sophia Pugsley in her article published on the European Council on Foreign Relations website.

Significant constituencies in all these countries favour a move towards Europe. However, as we have examined in our series of papers on ‘Protecting the European Choice’, Moscow is known to be deeply concerned about this swing of neighbouring countries out of its sphere of influence.

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