“South Ossetia to Russia: Annex Me, Please

Map of the region., Jun 04, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

"If Russia is looking for more land to grab, breakaway South Ossetia is interested. "Inspired” by the example of Crimea, South Ossetia’s separatist leader said on June 2 that his tiny Caucasus region can’t wait to glue itself to the Russian Federation.”

This was how journalist Giorgi Lomsadze began his opinion piece for EurasiaNet, published on the website on June 3.

In the article Lomsadze detailed how South Ossetia’s de-facto government wanted to reunite with Russia after being separated in 1922.

The de-facto leader of Georgia’s breakaway region was reported as saying people in South Ossetia were ”excited” to watch the Russian leadership decide to reunite Crimea with Russia, and there was a "wisp of hope” that someday the same would happen to South Ossetia.

But a large question remained – would Russia would want to take control of the area? Lomsadze said Moscow’s incentive to try and reunite the two remained unclear.

In Georgia, tensions remained as the country questioned whether Moscow would look to meddle in the situation as Georgia prepared to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union. Could uniting with South Ossetia provide Moscow with this option, Lomsadze asked.

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