The EU Observer: “Barroso: Putin 'promised' not to derail EU-Georgia pact”

"The EU and Georgia have said Russia “promised” them not to disrupt plans to sign an association and trade pact in June.", May 22, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

The time when Georgia will sign the Association Agreement (AA) with the European Union (EU) is near.

On June 27 Georgia will sign the Association and trade deals with the EU, and all eyes are on Russia and whether it will create some obstacles to interrupt Georgia's planned process.

This issue was highlighted by journalist Andrew Rettman in an article published on the EU Observer website.

European Commission head Jose Manuel Barroso told press on Wednesday (May 21) that when he met Russia’s Vladimir Putin in Brussels in January he urged him not to "disturb” the plans and that Putin "promised not to do that - that’s what he said to us.”

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