The American Interest: “Georgia’s Fifth Column Stirs”

"Russia has shown in Ukraine that it is willing and able to launch attacks against its sovereign neighbors.", May 20, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

While the United States and Europe struggle to respond to Russian aggression in Ukraine, Russia hopes to export its Orthodox-Nationalist ideology to Georgia.

An article by Black Sea regional analyst Michael Hikari Cecire, published on the American Interest website, emphasized that in Georgia, a local franchise of the same ideology had been growing for years.

In truth, being pro-West in Georgia’s neighborhood is hard, as should be plain from the Russian forces occupying Georgian territory and the countless refugee camps strewn across the country. Georgians do appear to feel a genuine civilizational affinity for Europe and the West but polls (NDI) also consistently show that Georgians also see the Russians as a kind of distant, if politically estranged, kin, writes the author.

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