Radio Liberty: “The Spa Town of Borjomi, Source of Georgia's Famous Mineral Water”

"Borjomi, a town of 15,000 inhabitants, attracts thousands of tourists who come to enjoy its resorts and mineral baths.", May 19, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

Borjomi is a town with fresh air, a thriving forest and famous mineral water that bubbles from springs in the Borjomi Gorge.  This famous water is one of Georgia's largest exports and is well-known throughout the former Soviet region.

A thought-provoking photo story of the resort town in south-central Georgia, by Abbas Atilay, was published on the Radio Free Europe website.

Nestled in the valley, the town of Borjomi is a popular spa that has been celebrated for the alleged health benefits of its water for nearly 200 years, the author writes.


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