The Heritage Foundation: Strengthen Bilateral Defense Cooperation with Georgia

Heritage Foundation Office.Photo by Jay Westcott/POLITICO., May 06, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

A former British Defence special adviser has voiced his opinion in support of Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration ahead of a high-level meeting between Georgia’s Defence Minister Irakli Alasania and his US counterpart Chuck Hagel.

The Ministers are expected to meet this week.

Luke Coffey, who was a senior special adviser to then-British Defence Secretary Liam Fox, highlighted the cooperation between America and Georgia in terms of security, in an article posted on Heritage Foundation official website.

In the piece he offered advice to Minister the Secretary Hagel which included helping the Georgians defend themselves, push for a NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP), continue with US–Georgia military training and consider using Georgia as a transit route for Afghanistan.

Georgia is a staunch ally of the US and NATO. It is located in a dangerous neighborhood and Russia poses a constant threat. Nevertheless, Georgia has been able to implement serious defence reforms and continues to participate in security operations at a rate much higher than many NATO members.

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