EUMM head to Georgia reports ‘no substantial progress’ with occupation forces after 7th Ergneti meeting

The seventh extraordinary meeting has been held in Ergneti earlier today to ease tensions at the occupation line. Photo: Erik Hoeg's Twitter page., 12 Nov 2019 - 16:29, Tbilisi,Georgia

EUMM head to Georgia Erik Hoeg says that the 7th special meeting in Ergneti, which was dedicated to easing tension at the villages of Tsnelisi and Chorchana, has ended without substantial progress.

The Georgian State Security Service has reported that the Russian-controlled de facto government of Tskhinvali still continues to demand the removal of an ordinary police post from the village of Chorchana, Khashuri municipality, which is located on the Tbilisi-controlled territory.

The de facto authorities say that the crossing points to the region, which has been closed since September 4, will reopen when the police post is removed, as the post “creates threats to locals and is too close to the village of Tsnelisi [which is under Russian-control].”