Flowers grown by convicts will be sold on Georgian Independence Day

  • The flowers are grown by convicts in Rustavi prison: Photo: EU in Georgia press office., 14 May 2019 - 16:16, Tbilisi,Georgia

Flowers grown in the 16th prison of Rustavi in eastern Georgia by convicts will be sold during a flower festival on the Independence Day of Georgia on May 26.

Convicts in the fifth, 16th and 15th prisons of Georgia have undergone special theoretical and practical courses on how to grow and care for flowers and berry-field plants thanks to an EU-funded project carried out by the Georgian NGO Civil Development Agency (CiDA) with the help of the Georgian Farmers’ Association and the DVV international.

The greenhouse in Rustavi prison. Photo: EU in Georgia press office. 

Greenhouses were arranged on the territories of the prisons within the project to allow the convicts use the knowledge they received.

Prisoners attending educational programs while incarcerated are less likely to return to prison,” the EU in Georgia says.

The project aims to help imnates start new lives. Photo: EU in Georgia press office. 

The EU representation to Georgia reports that Paata from Rustavi prison got involved in the project to gain more knowledge in agriculture and the flowers grown by him will be sold at the Flower Festival during the May 26 celebrations.

The project aims to help the resocialisation process of former convicts through providing vocational education trainings while in prison, which will decrease chances for repeated crimes.