Rehabilitation programme for former prisoners reviewed

12 Feb 2018 - 18:27

  • Minister Tsulukiani evaluated five years of the program supporting former prisoners. Photo from the Justice Ministry press office., 12 Feb 2018 - 18:27, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Justice Minister Thea Tsulukiani has evaluated the outcomes of a rehabilitation program initiated by her five years ago, titled Rehabilitation and Resocialization Program for Former Prisoners.

The minister stated that between 2012 and 2017:

  • 3,345 former prisoners addressed the Justice Ministry to benefit from the program.
  • 527 inmates found jobs.
  • 1,233 prisoners have undergone various professional trainings.
  • 308 beneficiaries received municipal transport cards free of charge.
  • 311 former prisoners have received free of charge psychological assistance.
  • 106 business ideas by 108 former prisoners have been financed.
  • 823 former prisoners have used health care services free of charge. 
  • 643 former prisoners have used free legal services.
  • 123 former prisoners have removed tattoos, free of charge. 
  • 65 of the former inmates were underage individuals.
  • 532 former prisoners have participated in free sport and health activities.

Participation in the program is voluntary. As soon as a former prisoner asks for support a social worker evaluates his/her needs and offers some of the following services within the program.

Works by former inmates. Photo from the Justice Ministry press office. 

  • Psychological support.
  • Support for health-related problems.
  • Professional trainings and help to find a job.
  • Support for family members of a former inmate.
  • Legal support.

Tsulukiani stated the program is very important to prevent future crimes and help former prisoners start new lives.