‘Better Skills for Better Jobs’:
Over 30,000 Georgians employed through EU-supported programme

On November 15 the Delegation of the EU to Georgia and the Gov't of Georgia highlighted the achievement of 4 years of cooperation. Photo: EU delegation to Georgia.

Agenda.ge, 15 Nov 2018 - 17:50, Tbilisi,Georgia

More than 30,000 Georgians have found employment and thousands have access to improved vocational education: this is the result of four years of cooperation between the European Union and the government of Georgia.

For the past four years employment and vocational education have been a priority for the government and the EU, and we now see our joint efforts starting to bear fruit. We will continue to support Georgia in reforming skills development with a large programme to be signed in Brussels next week”, said Ambassador of the European Union, Carl Hartzell while summarising the four years of cooperation.

With EU support, the government has managed to modernise vocational education and training system in the country through: 

  • A more effective labour market system; 
  • Improved quality of vocational education, and; 
  • A better transition from vocational education to employment

Besides presenting new models of employment support, the projects found jobs for 100 jobseekers, supported over 240 small businesses and trained over 3,000 people.

In the coming years the European Union will continue to work together with the Government of Georgia to create perspectives and increase employment among citizens of Georgia. Support will focus on improving the link between education and the labour market to ensure that people with improved skills will find matching jobs”, read the press release published by the EU Delegation to Georgia.