Gov’t launches State Inspector’s Service to study alleged offences by law enforcers

The civil sector has been demanding an investigation of alleged offenses by law enforcers by a separate body independent of law enforcement agencies., 31 Jan 2018 - 18:39, Tbilisi,Georgia

The government of Georgia has allowed for the creation of the State Inspector’s Service that will study alleged offences committed by law enforcers, a decision that has long been requested by the civil sector and the opposition.

The new service will be chaired by the Personal Data Protection Inspector Tamar Kaldani, who will deal with both personal data issues and alleged violations by law enforcement employees.

There will be no conflict of interest as the Personal Data Protraction Service in not affiliated with law enforcement agencies,” Kaldani said.

Amendments are planned to 21 laws before the service officially kicks off.

The service will be controlled by parliament and the legislative body will appoint the heads for the new structure for a term of five years.