Georgia’s snow-covered Bakhmaro resort hosts German skiers (VIDEO), 23 Jan 2018 - 16:18, Tbilisi,Georgia

The untouched natural beauty of western Georgia’s high-lying Bakhmaro resort has again come under the focus of camera lens by visiting enthusiasts of winter sports.

A group of skiers and snowboarders from German-based snowXplore touring company packed their gear to explore the snow-covered slopes of the village last week.

The visiting group spent their time at Georgia’s highest alpine resort — located 2,000m above sea level — enjoying the unpaved snow layers on hills surrounding the village.

They also filmed their adventures with both mounted cameras and drone lens, coming up with a four-minute video of the experience.

Skiing and snowboarding on the slopes and through forested areas of Bakhmaro, the group is seen on the backdrop of picturesque natural areas as well as more populated parts of the resort.

The snowXplore group was attracted to the location by its unpaved "powder snow” hills, which set Bakhmaro apart from the more "managed” ski resorts in Georgia, serving enthusiasts with extensive infrastructural networks and cableways.

Their previous experience of Bakhmaro has prompted the company to praise the location as "one of the best catskiing resorts on this planet”

The Goerlitz-based group organise trips in "search for the perfect snow”, looking for "some of the best areas on this planet where priority is still on the lonesome Powderline and not on the overpriced and overcrowded lodges”.

Located in western Georgia’s Guria province, Bakhmaro lies 120km south-west of the city of Kutaisi and its international airport.

Surrounded by fir and pine tree forests, Bakhmaro features a unique mix of air from the Black Sea and local mountains, deemed to be beneficial for people with respiratory problems.

The resort became subject of a video tribute by another visiting group — a German-based winter sport community WhiteHearts — last year.

The group praised Bakhmaro as a "place with extraordinary charm”, as they captured its picturesque views.