Nikanor (Nika) Melia - United National Movement, 9 Jun 2014, Tbilisi,Georgia

The importance of national security is something Nika Melia is an expert on.

UPDATED: Melia geined 27.53 percent of total votes in the runoff elections on July 12 while his rival had 72.47 percent. Melia had 27.97 percent in the initial elections on June 15. 

Throughout his career Melia has held leading positions at the National Security Council of Georgia, which advises the country’s President on National Security, Foreign Policy and Domestic Policy.

Developing the country’s regional and international security is something Melia said he would focus on if elected as the Mayor of Tbilisi.

Melia, 34, was born in Tbilisi and studied locally and abroad.

He holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from Oxford Brookes University and a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Georgian State Affairs Ministry Academy.

Since 2010 Melia has worked as a local Governor (Gamgebeli) of Tbilisi Mtatsminda district.


Top priorities of Melia’s election platform:


  • Employment
  • Reducing taxes
  • Business violations’ decriminalization
  • Tax amnesty
  • Free education for those socially vulnerable
  • More affordable transport
  • Security