Civil activists protest Russian journalist’s visit to Tbilisi

  • Russian propaganda journalist Vladimir Pozner is travelling to Tbilisi to celebrate his birthday with friends. Photo:, 31 Mar 2021 - 23:25, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian civil activists are holding a demonstration close to Vinotel Boutique Hotel where Russian journalist Vladimir Pozner and his friends have gathered on the eve of his birthday.

Formula media outlet cited Pozner as saying that he has not arrived in Georgia to talk about politics, but rather to celebrate his birthday like he has done the past two years. 

Former opposition European Georgia party member Elene Khoshtaria who now leads the new political party Droa has also stated that Pozner, who has violated the law of Georgia on occupation, should not have been allowed to enter the country. 

However, the Georgian Interior Ministry said Pozner, who holds the US citizenship, has not violated the law on occupation.

The ministry further explained that some of the people accompanying him have Covid passports, while others - PCR test certificates, which means all of the visitors are maintaining the coronavirus safety norms. 

Nevertheless, the protesters have called the labour inspection to fine the hotel for allowing the Russian visitors to gather during the curfew.