Police identify 51 who violated curfew at Sunday anti-curfew rally

  • Civic activists and business representatives protested coronavirus restrictions on Sunday in Tbilisi and Batumi. Photo: on.ge. 


Agenda.ge, 9 Feb 2021 - 17:12, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian law enforcers have identified 51 individuals who violated curfew on February 7 in Tbilisi during an anti-curfew rally, the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs has reported. 

The ministry says that 19 of the 51 individuals face criminal prosecution for repeat violation. 

Civic activists and business representatives held a ‘disobedience rally’ on Sunday where they demanded the lifting of curfew and business-related coronavirus restrictions. 

Several politicians also joined the rally. 

The Interior Ministry says that eight of the 51 individuals have already been fined 2,000 GEL for violating curfew, while 24 others will also be fined. 

The Georgian government lifted several coronavirus restrictions earlier this month. However, curfew is still in force between the hours of 21:00 and 05:00. 

Starting February 15 all food facilities, including restaurants will be able to provide their service only in open areas.