Lelo leader Khazaradze urges for ‘large-scale, national reconciliation’

  • Lelo for Georgia founder Mamuka Khazaradze entered politics back in 2019. Photo: Lelo for Georgia press office. 

Agenda.ge, 4 Feb 2021 - 12:43, Tbilisi,Georgia

Lelo for Georgia political party leader and co-founder of TBC Bank Mamuka Khazaradze has urged for a large-scale, national reconciliation in Georgia after the conduct of repeat parliamentary elections. 

Khazaradze, who is one of the 60 opposition MPs who has requested the suspension of his status, says in his statement that internal confrontations hinder Georgia’s development. 

Repeat parliamentary elections should be held, the court system must be reformed, we should create a strong economic programme, mobilise the country’s intellectual resources and civil society. A large-scale, national reconciliation should take place,” Khazaradze said. 


He said that all opposing political forces should agree on key values, adding that otherwise it will be difficult for Georgia to de-occupy its territories and transform itself into a modern, European state. 

Khazaradze entered politics back in 2019, shortly after he was charged with laundering 16.7 million USD along with another founder of TBC Bank Badri Japaridze. 

Lelo for Georgia has won four seats in parliament. However, all of its MPs have requested the suspension of their status because they are demanding repeat elections.