Schoolchildren forced to clean up city hall’s toilet in Samegrelo region, PM Gakharia ‘outraged’

  • Schoolchildren were forced to clean the rooms of Chkhorotsku city hall on January 25, including its toilets. Photo: netgazeti., 1 Feb 2021 - 17:02, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia has stated that he is ‘outraged and very much concerned’ by the video on social media which shows schoolchildren cleaning a toilet of Chkhorotsku city hall in western Georgia. 

The government will react very strictly to the incident,” Gakharia stated earlier today. 

The seventh graders of Chkhorotsku public school No. 2 were taken to the City Hall building on January 25, 2021 for a ‘clean-up campaign.’ 

The children had to clean the rooms of the city hall, including its toilets. 

One of the children is heard in the video saying ‘I can't do that.’ 

The school administration says that ‘an employee of Chkhorotsku cleaning service Eter Japaridze’ came to them and asked for the children’s involvement ‘in a joint project.’ 

The school director says that she was not aware of the details and had no information that the children would have to clean toilets. 

Japaridze says that she is a ‘former employee of the cleaning service’ and wanted ‘to share her experience and help the children have more information about the cleaning service.’ 

There is nothing shameful in cleaning toilets,” Japaridze told journalists.

Police are looking into the incident.