PM Garibashvili to European Council President: Georgia remains loyal ally of EU

  • Electoral reform was also discussed at the meeting with the President of the European Council Michel, announced Garibashvili. Photo: Prime Minister's press office., 19 Jul 2021 - 15:49, Tbilisi,Georgia

Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili has met with European Council President Charles Michel, who is visiting Georgia for the 17th International Conference - Georgia’s European Way and stated that Georgia remains a loyal ally of the EU.

Our main task is to maintain a stable situation and peace in Georgia. This is a key message that we have shared with President Michel and we absolutely agree on that,” stated PM Garibashvili earlier today. 

Garibashvili also noted that he informed Charles Michel that the conditions stipulated in the EU-agreement,  which ended the political crisis in April caused by the parliamentary elections of 2020, are being fulfilled. 

I had a very fruitful conversation with President Michelle. First of all, I provided him with information on how our obligations are being fulfilled. I told him that for our part, we are motivated and we are following this process…We are absolutely eager and motivated to continue and implement justice reform,” stated Garibashvili.

Electoral reform was also discussed at the meeting with the President of the European Council Michel, announced Garibashvili.

I had a conversation with President Michel about electoral reform. I told him that we had worked out almost complete electoral reform, with the engagement of the opposition,” said Garibashvili. 

PM Garibashvili also underlined that he asked Charles Michel to send as many observers as possible for the elections in Georgia in order to prevent speculations from the opposition parties, said Garibashvili. 

The Georgian parliament adopted electoral amendments in June which initially were proposed by the ruling party and Citizens opposition party and later revised in compliance with the April 19 agreement.

Two major opposition factions in parliament did not support the amendments. 

I told him that we are absolutely mobilised to hold the forthcoming elections in the most peaceful environment, to make the process absolutely transparent,” PM Garibashvili stated.

European Union President Charles Michel, Presidents of Ukraine and Moldova Volodymyr Zelensky and Maia Sandu are attending the international conference in Batumi today.

The Georgian side of the conference is represented by Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili and other members of the government. 

The main topic of the conference is enhanced cooperation between the three associated partners of the European Union - Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova. 

The countries recently launched the format of the associated trio.

Batumi International Conference - Georgia's European Way - has been held since 2007.