FM Zalkaliani: Georgia among priorities on NATO agenda

  • NATO leaders are meeting in Brussels on June 14 to discuss a number of issues including Georgia and Ukraine. Photo:, 11 Jun 2021 - 00:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani says Georgia will be among the priority issues at the upcoming NATO summit of June 14, 'as a result of our active diplomatic efforts'.

NATO leaders are meeting in Brussels ‘at a pivotal moment for the Alliance and for collective security’ to discuss a number of issues including the support to rules-based international order. 

When it comes to upholding the rules-based international order, countries like Russia and China do not share the Alliance's values. They are at the forefront of a pushback against that order. This has implications for the security, values and democratic way of life of Allied countries”, the NATO says. 

It further notes that ‘to remain successful and ensure the defence and security of the Euro-Atlantic area, NATO should play a greater role in preserving and shaping the rules-based international order in areas that are important to Allied security’. 

In this regard NATO leaders plan to speak about the relations with Georgia, ‘one of the Alliance’s closest partners’, which aspires to join NATO. 

David Zalkaliani has announced 'the joyous news' regarding the inclusion of the Georgian issue on the agenda of the upcoming NATO summit earlier today:

He is confident that the relevant assessment of the situation in Georgia will be reflected in the NATO declaration as well, which will also include appeals to the Russian Federation to fulfil the 2008 ceasefire agreement.

In its recent interview with the Georgian service of Euronews NATO Secretary General's Special Representative for the Caucasus and Central Asia James Appathurai said ‘NATO is committed to the decisions taken in Bucharest and subsequent decisions that Georgia will become a NATO member’.

We will set out a platform for deepening cooperation with Georgia, with Ukraine to do more together, to share more information, exercise together, have more NATO in Georgia”, Appathurai said.

He also added that ‘all of that will be set out at this summit so I think that there will be a lot, which Georgians will find positive as they prepare for membership'. 

James Appathurai has meanwhile explained that the Georgian and Ukrainian leaders will not attend the upcoming summit because of its limited schedule. However, he said, this should not at all be considered a negative signal from NATO.