Borjomi suspends operation of both factories while workers on strike

  • The protesters claim that their salaries were reduced by 200-250 GEL in the past year. Photo: RFERL, 19 May 2021 - 21:26, Tbilisi,Georgia

Borjomi mineral water company in central Georgia has announced the temporary suspension of operations at two of its plants to ‘avoid provocations staged by activists’. 

About 350 workers of bottling factories have gone on strike, demanding higher salaries and better working conditions.

The statement released by Borjomi reads that despite the strike they did not plan to stop operations, but they have made a decision after they have observed ‘the certain illegal activities’ against the vehicles travelling to the plants. 

As a company with a high level of responsibility we are suspending the operations at both of the plants to avoid provocations staged by the activists of the trade union that endanger the health and safety of people”, the statement reads. 

The company has meanwhile noted that it is ready to restore its operations as soon as ‘the illegal activities are over’. 

Giorgi Diasamidze from the trade union said the protest will continue despite the company’s announcement. 

He said if Borjomi is not capable of ensuring worthy conditions for its employees, the state should either find its substitute or take the responsibility of the employees itself. 

Founded in 2002, IDS Borjomi International is the largest producer of natural mineral waters in the countries of the CIS and the Baltic States.