French politician publishes Armenian map with Georgian territories, official France distances itself ‘from the view’

  • French politician Laurent Wauquiez has published a map in support of Karabakh as a part of Armenia., 6 Oct 2020 - 16:10, Tbilisi,Georgia

French politician Laurent Wauquiez, a former leader of France's center-right Les Republicains party, has published a map supporting Karabakh as part of Armenia.

However, the map also shows Georgia’s Akhalkalaki region as Armenian territory. 

French Ambassador to Georgia Diego Colas says that the map ‘does not represent the view of the French government.’ 

Georgian Foreign Ministry press officer Mari Narchemashvili wrote that according to initial enquiries, the map is widely used by an organization of nationalist profile functioning in France and it is in no way connected with the French official authorities. 

The building where the President of the Regional Council (Laurent  Wauquiez) is based also serves as an office of the nationalist organization mentioned above,” she said. 


Hostilities are currently underway between Georgia’s two neighbouring countries Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh.