Mariamjvari Nature Reserve in Georgia's east expanding with new areas

  • A view of the Mariamjvari reserve in Georgia's east. Photo via Agency of Protected Areas of Georgia., 15 Sep 2020 - 17:21, Tbilisi,Georgia

Endangered flora and fauna in the Georgian Red List will be better safeguarded by a planned creation of a new nature reserve adjacent to the Mariamjvari protected territories in Georgia's east.

A 5,000 square hectare space will join the territories as the Tsiv-Gombori Reserve, in a move to protect the brown bears and red deer native to the areas, in addition to safeguarding highland oak and evergreen conifer trees.

The Agency of Protected Areas of Georgia said the area had "significant recreational value and eco-tourist potential", and would enable visitors to discover historical and cultural monuments as well as have access to other destinations in case of infrastructural development.

Located 135km east of Tbilisi, and 30km from local town of Sighnaghi, the Tsiv-Gombori mountain range separates the Alazani and Iori rivers, thus forming two regions of the Kakheti province in the east of the country.

Rich with pine forests, the range is part of the Emerald Network of Nature Protection Sites of Georgia. The APA has called it an "ideal environment" for health tourism visitors. Hearings of the bill for the expansion of the Mariamjvari reserve is already underway at the Parliament of Georgia.

The Mariamjvari Strict Nature Reserve Administration was formed in 1935 and includes Mariamjvari State Reserve, Korugi Managed Reserve and Iori Managed Reserve. More details on the location is available on the official APA website.