Gov’t administration head: ‘we are not going to declare full quarantine, state of emergency’

  • Georgia has reported a record 165 new cases of the coronavirus earlier today. Photo: Nino Alavidze/, 14 Sep 2020 - 17:41, Tbilisi,Georgia

Natia Mezvrishvili, head of the government administration said today that the government is not going to declare a full quarantine and a state of emergency in the country.

Mezvrishvili said that the healthcare system and hospital sectors are much better prepared for the coronavirus pandemic now than they were at the start of the epidemic.

The epidemiological situation is under full control in Georgia, though we must not forget that the number of infected individuals is increasing daily… Even though the situation is under full control, we (the Georgian government) call on the public to avoid participating in unnecessary public gatherings as much as possible”, said Mezvrishvili.

Mezvrishvili also mentioned that there has been dissatisfaction with the ban on social events, like weddings and other rituals, but the public should not forget that several new clusters are related to weddings.

Georgia has reported a record 165 new cases of the coronavirus earlier today, of which 109 were registered in the Ajara region, 81 had contact with infected individuals and four cases were ‘imported’.

Out of the newly infected individuals, 10 are the residents of Georgia’s eastern city of Gori and the village of Matani.

Medical Director of Tbilisi Infectious Disease Hospital Marina Ezugbaia said that the reason the coronavirus has spread in Gori and in the village of Matani was a wedding with 100 guests.