Far right Georgian March movement, known for its anti-LGBT activities, creates political party

  • The Georgian March civic movement was founded in 2017. Photo: reginfo.


Agenda.ge, 2 Jul 2020 - 18:57, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian March civil movement, known for its anti-LGBT rallies, has created a political party called Georgian March - National Movement earlier today. 

The leader of the Georgian March Sandro Bregadze, who founded Georgian March back in 2017, says that his group has joined with another movement called ‘Georgia’ and formed one new party. 

Bregadze says that the current political situation called for the creation of the party 'which will ensure the building of a fair and a democratic Georgian state, which will be based on national values.’ 

The party has plans to protect ‘ethnic, religious and cultural rights of people, strengthen state independence, reintegrate the occupied territories and ensure worthy living conditions for the Georgian people.’ 

The Georgian March has organised and participated in almost all anti-LGBT+ rallies and demonstrations in Georgia since 2017. 

There were involved in the demonstrations organised against the gay-themed film And Then We Danced. 

The movement has also demanded the deportation of certain migrants.