Ruling party says ‘radical opposition’ chooses ‘anti-western’ statements, campaign

  • Georgian Dream said the radical opposition 'openly and brazenly refuses' to implement the election agreement that was signed by political parties through the support and facilitation of the ambassadors. Photo: Nino Alavidze/, 27 Jun 2020 - 21:27, Tbilisi,Georgia

The ruling Georgian Dream party has released a statement earlier today, saying that Georgia’s ‘radical opposition’ chooses ‘anti-western’ statements and campaigns.  

The choice of the Georgian people is to further consolidate Georgian democracy and to ensure the full realisation of Georgia's Western aspirations, which will once again be confirmed during the elections on October 31”, the statement reads.

The ruling party referred to the recent ‘attack’ of opposition politicians against ‘the western partners’, including the German Ambassador Hubert Knirsch, whom the European Georgia leader Giga Bokeria and the Labour Party leader Shalva Natelashvili ‘insulted’ over his recent statement about the March 8 election agreement.

Concerned with the shape and scale of opposition’s ‘anti-western campaign’ the Georgian Dream is expecting that 'the deeper the radical opposition plunges into a grave political crisis, the more severe its irresponsibility will become, which will harm our country along with the opposition'.

This is why, the ruling party said, they 'consider it necessary to issue an immediate response to such irresponsibility'.

The reason for such a reaction from the leaders of the radical opposition is completely clear: they do not want to support the constitutional amendments and they retain hope that the amendments will fail; the ambassadors' statements simply left them no room to maneuver”, the ruling party said.

Ambassador Knirsch told journalists yesterday that the co-founder of the opposition-minded TV channel Mtavari Arkhi Giorgi Rurua - whom opposition calls a ‘political prison’ - is not mentioned in the 8 March agreement.

The opposition says if Rurua remains in prison, they will not vote for the constitutional changes for the 2020 parliamentary elections scheduled on Monday, June 29.