Hotel with Qvevri-formed rooms to host tourists next year

  • The construction process will end in May 2021. Photo: Hotel Qvevri/Facebook page., 19 May 2020 - 17:36, Tbilisi,Georgia

Hotel Qvevrebi, which is being built in Telavi in east Georgia, will host tourists in Qvevri-formed rooms next year.

Qvevri is a traditional large earthenware egg-shaped vessel which is used to ferment Georgian wine below ground or set into the floors of large wine cellars.

Photo: government of Georgia press office.

The building of the hotel is being carried out under the state programme ‘Host in Georgia,’ a sub-component of the state program Enterprise Georgia. ‘Host in Georgia’ aims to encourage regional entrepreneurs to build new hotels and develop the hospitality industry in Georgia’s diverse regions, by offering state co-financing.

Photo: government of Georgia press office.

Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia has visited the hotel today to see how the building process is proceeding. 

Gakharia noted that with the status of the ‘safe destination for tourism,’ the country needs to further develop new, high-demanded tourism products in Georgia, including medical and recreational tourism, adventure tourism, eco tourism, agricultural tourism and wine tourism.

Photo: government of Georgia press office.

At the first stage, there will be 29 rooms in the hotel, out of which 20 will have the form of a qvevri and will be set up outside the hotel as individual rooms.

There will be a conference hall and restaurant in the hotel. The premises will also offer a swimming-pool and spa-salon outside.

The construction process will end in May 2021.