Spring parliamentary session opens for first time in Tbilisi in 6 years

  • The ruling party members welcomed  the return of parliamentary activities to the capital. Photo: Parliament’s press office.

Agenda.ge, 5 Feb 2019 - 18:13, Tbilisi,Georgia

Parliamentary activities have returned to the historic parliament building in Tbilisi after six years with the spring session opening taking place in the capital today.

The parliament building in Kutaisi, which opened in 2012, will be handed over to the Interior Ministry.

Georgian Parliament Speaker Irakli Kobakhidze said that parliament adopted 705 laws in 2018 and 294 of them were initiated by parliament.

However, today it does not really matter who were the initiators of the bills. The most important thing is that the laws have been developed based on the interests of and for the welfare of our people,” he said.

He stated that according to the new constitution of Georgia, which came into play in December 2018, the parliament’s supervisory power  will be significantly increased.

Parliament Speaker says that the legislative body's supervisory power has increased. Photo: Parliament's press office. 

Kobakhidze said that the new constitution offers:

  • A refined mechanism of calling the prime minister to parliament by MPs. A parliamentary faction has a right to demand answers from the PM. The groups will also have the right  to demand written answers to their questions directly by the PM.
  • The opposition will have the right to demand ministers attend committee meetings.
  • Ministers will be obliged to come to parliament and answer the questions of legislators.
  • Parliament’s role in supervising the defence and security fields have been boosted.

Kobakhidze said that the PM will come to parliament on 22 March to answer questions, as this was demanded by the United National Movement opposition.

During the first plenary session today the opposition strongly criticised the return of parliamentary activities to Tbilisi. They believe that the step will hinder the development of Kutaisi.