44 snakes caught in Tbilisi in April, May – figures not high

  • In May of 2018 the Animal Monitoring Agency of Georgia caught 140 snakes, while the figure this month is at 28.Photo: shutterstock.com.

Agenda.ge, 24 May 2019 - 11:16, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Animal Monitoring Agency says that 44 snakes have been caught in Tbilisi between April 1 and May 17, which is not a high figure.

Last year, in April, we caught 15 snakes, this year, in the same month, we caught 16. In general, May is the most active month in terms of snakes, as the weather becomes warmer and snakes come out. However, May this year is quite cold. In May 2018 we caught 140 snakes, while the figure this month stands at only 28,” the agency reports.

The agency says that 26 varieties of snakes live in Georgia and the most venomous is the Vipera lebetina.

15 varieties of snakes have been observed near Tbilisi, in natural environments. Vipera lebetina is very rarely observed in Tbilisi. There was only one case last year when we caught it in the capital,” the agency says.

The agency reports that no incidents of snake bites have been reported.

They said that snakes mostly appear in the central parts of the city via vehicles [when they hide in them] or through the construction materials.

They are also observed in the areas which are polluted. Rodents are frequent in such an environment and snakes are common on the places, where they can caught the rodents to eat,” the agency said.

The agency says that all the caught snakes have been returned to the nature, on the unpopulous places.

The agency said that their hot line: 0322 421 424 or 577 95 87 77 are active and people can immediately contact them if they spot a snake.