Singer SALIO, Grammy-winning Joss Stone perform at Georgia’s Black Sea fortress (VIDEO)

  • SALIO and Joss Stone performed the song in Georgian at the seaside location. Screenshot from the video., 5 Feb 2018 - 18:29, Tbilisi,Georgia

Grammy Award-winning British artist Joss Stone has released a video of her performing alongside Georgian singer and songwriter SALIO among remains of Georgia's Medieval seaside fortress Petra.

Stone teamed up with SALIO at the picturesque coastline location last summer, when the Brit Award-winning artist was in Georgia for headlining the Black Sea Jazz Festival.

The two artists performed a duo for a song written by her counterpart in Georgian language at age 11, with musical backdrop by local artists.

 There was something quite special singing about love amongst a mysterious ruin which was once a fortress", said Stone in her comments on the video.

Stone unveiled the video for the short performance to her social media followers on Monday, introducing the song and the Georgian artist as "a wonderful sound from a beautiful person".

The site for the recording, the Petra Fortress, is located 25km north of Ajara province capital Batumi. Dating back to 535AD and is found in today's Tsikhisdziri village.

It is a location for archaeological work that has rewarded historians with a string of discoveries.

The latest round of findings were publicised last summer, when weapons, household items, work instruments and human remains were unearthed at the site to shed light on a 6th century contest between the Byzantine and Sasanian empires on Black Sea coast.

The ruins of the historical fort were also highlighted in a recent state tourism ad on seven top destinations for travellers to visit in Ajara.