Batumi Dolphinarium trainer captures rare footage of dolphin giving birth [VIDEO]

  • The staff of the Batumi Dolphinarium says that the fact dolphins give birth in the Dolphinarium proves that the environment is well-regulated. Photo:, 3 Jul 2018 - 14:30, Tbilisi,Georgia

 A trainer of the Batumi Dolphinarium in the west of Georgia has captured footage of a mother dolphin giving birth.

Such cases are unique as dolphins rarely give birth in captivity. 

I was on a regular inspection in the morning. We were waiting for a baby dolphin and the mother dolphin Tsitsi was under 24-hour supervision. I always carry my phone with me to capture unique moments,” Anna Chulkova, the trainer of the Batumi Dolphinarium told the media.

The video footage shows how the mother dolphin gives birth to her calf who quickly joins her in swimming in the pool.

Shortly after the good news another dolphin, Flipper, also gave birth. 

Dolphin gestation lasts 12 months.

Calves are typically born in the spring and summer months and females are responsible for raising them.