Georgian journalists not allowed to enter Ukraine

  • Vakho Sanaia from TV PIrveli and Tamar Nutsubidze from Rustavi 2 were hindered at Boryspil Airport in Kiev today., 5 Dec 2017 - 23:38, Tbilisi,Georgia

Two Georgian journalists travelling to Ukrainian capital of Kiev were not allowed to enter the country from the Boryspil Airport today.

Vakho Sanaia - the journalist of TV Pirveli and Tamar Nutsubidze - the journalist of Rustavi 2 said they were flying to Ukraine to cover the developments  around Georgia’s former President Mikheil Saakashvili. 

Georgia’s third President Saakashvili, who is charged with several crimes in Georgia, has been detained by Ukrainian security forces today in Kiev. 

However, after several hours of conflict with law enforcement, Ukrainian supporters of Saakashvili have managed to get him out of the police car which intended to take him into custody.

Saakashvili is charged with cooperating with criminal groups and the cover up of offenses committed by them.If confirmed, the former president will face 3-5 years in prison for the charges.

Denied to enter Kiev, the two Georgian journalists have to travel back home.