National wine week starts in Georgia

  • Georgian Wine Week opened today Marneuli with a ‘Georgian Wine Festival’. Photo: Georgian Wine Week 2017/Facebook, 29 Sep 2017 - 15:14, Tbilisi,Georgia

For the next seven days Georgia will bask in the sweet smell of wine as the country celebrates national wine week.

Starting today people around the country are invited to celebrate Georgian Wine Week and attend any or all of the various wine events taking place over the next seven days, such as wine tasting, wine tours and presentations.

Georgian Wine Week opened today in the small city of Marneuli in the country’s Kvemo Kartli region with a ‘Georgian Wine Festival’.

At the Festival presentation of ‘Marneuli - The Cradle of Vine’ was held. There were represented ethnographic exhibits denoting the fact that grape pips of ancient millennia were discovered on various archeological excavation locations in Marneuli municipality, which indicates the connection of Georgia with 8,000 continuous history of wine and viticulture.

Starting today people around the country are invited to celebrate Georgian Wine Week. Photo from Georgian Wine Week 2017/Facebook 

During the festival, grapes were be pressed in ‘Satsnakheli’ winepress, and the guests had the opportunity to taste Georgian wines.

A competition was held in Georgian traditional wrestling as well.

Georgian Wine Week also hosted an exhibition-shop of Georgian wine, honey, cheese and other agricultural products in Marneuli.

On October 8, at the last day of Georgian Wine Week there will be held the awarding ceremony of the winning wines of the competition "The 4th Georgian National Wine Competition”.

Georgian Wine Week is organised by Georgia’s Ministry of Agriculture and the Georgian National Wine Agency.

This will be the fourth annual Georgian Wine Week.