Washington Post: Senators will visit Georgia to “reassure” partners on US policy to Russia

  • John McCain will be one of the Senators to visit Georgia before the US President-elect takes the oath of office, Washington Post wrote. Photo by globalresearch.ca.
Agenda.ge, 21 Nov 2016 - 17:20, Tbilisi,Georgia

Influential American publication the Washington Post claims two United States (US) Senators from the Republican Party will visit Georgia, Ukraine and Estonia before January 20 to discuss the US' policy towards Russia with its Eastern European partners.

The visit will happen before January 20, when US President-elect Donald Trump takes his oath of office. 

The Washington Post wrote in an article yesterday that the aim of the trip of Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham was to "reassure these European partners that Washington is still committed to confronting Russian aggression”. 

Before Trump takes the oath of office, McCain and Graham will lead a congressional delegation to Ukraine, Georgia and Estonia,” the Washington Post announced. 

The article said in January McCain and Graham would hold a series of hearings highlighting Russia’s transgressions around the world, including war crimes in Syria, cyber-attacks, propaganda campaigns and threats to Baltic States.

In addition, Graham has said he wants to use his chairmanship of the Senate Appropriations Foreign Operations subcommittee to steer new funds to European allies for battling Moscow,” the Washington Post said. 

Since the people of the US elected Trump as the 45th President of the United States through the November 8 Presidential Election, where he defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton, the Government of Georgia has said it was confident of ensuring its close partnership with the US under the new President.