Georgia, a growing hub for information, communication technology

  • Georgia's charge d'affaires to Ireland Giorgi Zurabashvili made presentation about Georgia's investment environment. Photo by Embassy of Georgia to Ireland., 9 Nov 2016 - 12:27, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia is working hard to establish itself as a growing hub for information and communication technology (ICT).

This week the country participated at a global ICT conference, where Irish and Central European-based technology companies learned about Georgia’s favourable business and investment environment.

This week the Embassy of Georgia to Ireland participated in the 'Central European Technology Conference' organised by the Irish Chamber of Commerce in Central Europe (i-Cham CE) together with Enterprise Ireland.

The event brought together Irish and Central European-based technology companies including Google and LinkedIn, with a view to develop new cross-border business relationships and partnerships.

At the conference Georgia's charge d'affaires to Ireland Giorgi Zurabashvili made a speech that highlighted the latest developments in Georgia's business and investment climate.

He talked about the reforms the Government of Georgia had made in the country’s information and communication sector, which had created greater benefits for companies willing to operate in Georgia’s IT sector.

Zurabashvili also talked about the State Program on Broadband Infrastructure Development in Georgia that would create a fiber-optic internet network in more than 2,000 cities and villages in Georgia.

He added the Georgian Government wanted to provide the entire country with high-speed internet, and had launched the 'High Speed Internet for Everyone' project in January 2015.

In his words, the Government of Georgia was aiming to build an innovation-based economy in Georgia.