Georgia to benefit from Eastern Partnership export program

  • 16 500 tons of products were produced bt the agriculture cooperatives in 2014. Photo by Agenda,ge/Nino Alavidze, 3 Nov 2016 - 13:38, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia is getting fully involved in an export promotion program set to launch in summer 2017 that will boost the foreign awareness and global sales of locally made goods.

The export promotion program was designed for six eastern European countries: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine - all members of the European Union’s Eastern Partnership (EaP).

Georgia, as an EaP member, will directly benefit from the projects that support small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to get involved in the international trade network.

To achieve this Georgia has been receiving support from the International Trade Centre (ITC).

A delegation from the ITC visited Georgia yesterday to negotiate with local authorities about creating an export promotion plan for specific exported products.

Furthermore, the goal of the ITC delegation was to identify which of Georgia's exported products had the biggest potential to be sold in EU markets over the next two-three years.

Highlighting and supporting the benefits Georgia could use from the Association Agreement (AA) and it's Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) deal was one of the purposes of the ITC delegation’s visit.