International experts help improve Georgia’s health service

  • Georgia's PM said it was the Government's priority to establish a proper, quality and affordable health service in the country., 7 Apr 2015 - 16:10, Tbilisi,Georgia

New standards will soon be introduced to improve Georgia’s healthcare system.

Experts from international consultancy business Global Alliance for Health and Social Compacts (GAHSC) are visiting Georgia to help the Government improve the efficiency of the country’s healthcare system.

GAHSC and Georgia’s Ministry of Health signed an agreement yesterday that detailed cooperation of the international experts, while today the healthcare representatives met Georgia’s Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili and presented their plans of developing the country’s healthcare system.

Georgia’s Health Minister Davit Sergeenko also attended the meeting.

At the meeting Garibashvili said one of the current priorities of the Government was ensuring all Georgian citizens were provided with proper, quality and affordable health care.

Garibashvili expressed hope that a "high quality” health system would soon be developed in Georgia as a result of the efforts and joint cooperation of the GAHSC experts.

Jan Li Malkin, who led the international party, spoke to Garibashvili about his vision of developing the country’s healthcare system after positively assessing all the reforms recently implemented in Georgia’s health sector.

"A new program, which will be designed by a group of experts, will include developing a new healthcare model in Georgia which will provide quality, safe and efficient treatment for the patients,” Malkin said.

He promised the GAHSC group would "do its best” to develop an efficient regulatory system and quality control for medicines in Georgia.

"Georgia showed huge progress in the healthcare direction. Now the most important thing is for the country to maintain development in this direction. We will help Georgia to develop a healthcare system that meets European standards,” he added.

Meanwhile, Sergeenko said it was time to improve the quality of health services available in Georgia.

"We have now moved to the action phase from the preparing phase. We have signed an agreement with a group of professional healthcare experts. Now, access to healthcare in Georgia has increased after launching the Universal Healthcare Program [and now] we are more oriented on improving the quality of the service,” Sergeenko said.

Sergeenko also announced plans to rehabilitate the Central Republican Hospital, the Tbilisi Oncology Centre and the Khliani Children’s Infectious Disease Hospital.

GAHSC involves scientists, clinicians, business professionals, manufacturers and economists who work together to improve health system performance in developing countries. The organization coordinates more than 300 professionals through four regional offices based in the United Kingdom, France, Georgia and Ukraine.