Watch US-Georgia joint exercise Noble Partner in action [VIDEO]

  • For the first time US military servicemen are participating in today's celebration of Georgia’s Independence Day. General Rehearsal of the Independence Day of Georgia., 26 May 2015 - 12:49, Tbilisi,Georgia

US military servicemen who participated in the US-Georgia joint exercise Noble Partner for the first time are taking part in today's celebration of Georgia’s Independence Day alongside Georgian soldiers.

The joint Georgia-United States (US) military exercise Noble Partner 2015 officially closed at the Vaziani Air Base in eastern Georgia on May 24.

United States Army Europe posed two videos of the exercise on their YouTube channel, you can take a closer look on what happened during the Noble Partner.  US Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles and Georgian BMP-2 Infantry Combat Vehicles conducting combined maneuvering and live fire at Exercise Noble Partner. 

About 600 Georgian and American military servants took part in the military exercise, which aimed to strengthen the readiness of the Georgian Armed Forces to join the NATO Rapid Reaction.

 In the video below the soldiers from 3rd Infantry Division conduct Gunnery Cable XII in Vaziani Training Area.

The Georgian side was represented by Alpha Company of the 12th Battalion of I Infantry Brigade, I Mechanized Company of the 42nd Battalion of IV Mechanized Brigade and by the Military Police Platoon.