Lonely Planet: “10 of the world's most underrated wine regions”

  • Alaverdi Monastery in Kakheti. Photo: Andrew Montgomery / Lonely Planet

Review by Mariam Papidze

Economic Editor

Agenda.ge, 15 Mar 2023, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian winemaking region of Kakheti is on the list of the second edition of Lonely Planet’s Wine Trails, a guide through 52 of the world’s greatest viticulture regions and a highlight of the 10 of the most intriguing locations.

The province has been highlighted in an article noting Kakheti as “the most important Georgian wine region” and the Georgian wine experience as “like no other”. 

An 8,000-year-old clay wine jar unearthed here in 2017 is the oldest-known relic of winemaking. Put another way, by the time the ancient Greeks were stomping their first grapes, the Georgians had been at it for millennia”, reads the piece.

The article also urges travellers to remember that “Kakheti’s greatest wines tend not to be found in the open, but in villagers’ backyards, buried underground, awaiting release”.

Kakheti has been selected for the list alongside regions like Mendoza in Argentina, Central Otago in New Zealand and Empordà in Spain.

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