PixWine: "To strike a blow for freedom, drink Georgian wines"

  • Holy Trinity Church near village of Gergeti In Georgia. Photo by Dmytro Kosmenko/iStock.

Review by Salome Shikhashvili

Agenda.ge, 31 Mar 2022, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia's ancient winemaking tradition and its importance not only in the economic, but also in the political field of the country is the subject of an article by Felicity Carter, an international wine judge and an Executive Editor at online wine discovery magazine PixWine.

In her article, Carter writes “[t]he more Georgian wine Americans drink, the unhappier Putin will be”, recalling the Russian leader’s attitude toward Georgia and its winemaking heritage.

Wine is the lifeblood of this country in the Caucasus, and not just because it’s a major export earner. Wine, made here for 8,000 years, is deeply interwoven with Georgia’s national identity. Mr. Putin knows this. He’s acutely conscious of the meaning of wine and the value of terroir – especially other people’s”, writes the author.

Mentioning Putin and Russia, Carter recalls how in 2006 Putin’s government banned Georgian and Moldavian wine, claiming they were unsafe. Carter says this was “widely understood to be punishment for their Western aspirations''.

The author also recalls Putin’s pledge of money for wineries of Crimea following the 2014 invasion of the Ukrainian territory, and says the Russian President has used wine as a “status symbol, a diplomatic tool and as a weapon of war, and we can do that too by purchasing Georgian wine.”

The article calls for wine enthusiasts to showcase their support by posting their pictures with the Georgian wine on social media with two hashtags: #Gaumarjos - the Georgian toast - and #Slavaukraini, the widely shared slogan supporting Ukraine’s struggle against the Russian aggression on the country.

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