Big 7 Travel names Tbilisi 2nd among 50 best places for remote work in 2021

  • Foreigners from over 90 countries are allowed to apply for a new state programme 'Remotely from Georgia' allowing foreign citizens to travel to and work remotely from Georgia if they intend to stay for at least 180 days. Photo: Nino Alavidze/

Review by, 10 Jan 2021, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia and its capital of Tbilisi have been named second out of the 50 best places for remote working in 2021 in Big 7 Travel’s list. 

The author of the report notes that ‘the world of remote workers and digital nomads is growing at a rapid rate’ amid the coronavirus pandemic with more and more ‘yearning for an independent work environment’.

Over the past several years, Tbilisi has been making big moves in the digital nomad world. Sat in the Caucasus region, the quirky capital has a lot to offer in the way of culture; from its diverse food scene to its long and complicated history, there’s something for everyone”, the article reads. 

It further adds that ‘from the frosty Caucasus mountains up north to the pebbled shores of Batumi’s Black Sea coast the country is as visually appealing as it is affordable’. 

Despite being a relatively small capital city, Tbilisi is chockfull of unique neighbourhoods. Affordable accommodation shouldn’t set you back more than $300-$400 if you play your cards right”, it meanwhile says.

The article also informs the readers that ‘in light of the pandemic, Georgia has introduced a remote worker visa to enable relocation under the current circumstances’. 

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