Tengiz Shergelashvili – The Movement of Building

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Election number 20

Tengiz Shergelashvili was named as Tbilisi mayoral candidate by the Movement for Building, an opposition party created by Georgia’s former Parliament Speaker David Usupashvili.

Shergelashvili, 39, is an experienced politician who took the post of the deputy infrastructure minister immediately after the Georgian Dream came into power in 2012 and held this position for several years.

Shergelashvili, who is a former member of the Republican Party, was actively involved in the local governments’ reform initiated by the Georgian Dream government in 2013-2014.

Together with Usupashvili and several others, Shergelashvili quit the Republican Party shortly after the 2016 Parliamentary Elections, in which the Republican Party failed to overcome the mandatory five percent threshold to have representatives in the 150-member parliament.

As was reported, the reason the leading figures of the party left was because of a controversy over the party’s future.

Top campaign promises:

  • Healthier environment
  • Better-regulated constructions
  • Better transport system
  • Supporting education
  • Better healthcare for Tbilisi citizens
  • Supporting business, creating jobs

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