Irma Inashvili – “David Tarkhan-Mouravi - Alliance of Patriots”

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Election number 8

Developing closer relations with Russia is something Irma Inashvili promises to fulfill if she is elected Tbilisi’s mayor.

Inashvili’s party was among only three Georgian parties that overcame the five percent threshold and entered parliament during the 2016 parliamentary elections. 

She ran for Tbilisi mayor in 2014 as well and gained 5.37 percent of total votes, which did not allow her to run in the runoff elections.

Inashvili, 47, was born in Tbilisi and has cemented a name for herself in the country’s media industry. She is a qualified journalist and has won several awards for her work.

In 1993 she covered the war in Abkhazia. She spent 13 months and 13 days living in the war zone.

She worked for the Georgian Public Broadcaster for 10 years, after which she established the Obiektivi Union of Journalists.

Inashvili is married with two children.

Top campaign promises:

  • Direct dialogue with Sokhumi, Tskhinvali, Moscow
  • All important decisions to be made through a referendum
  • To form a Council of Tbilisi Elders and agree all strategic issues with them
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