Elene Khoshtaria – Election bloc “Bakradze, Ugulava – European Georgia”

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Election number 2

Elene Khoshtaria, 38, is one of only two female mayoral candidates.

During the 2016 Parliamentary Elections Khoshtaria led the party list of the United National Movement, but soon after the elections the party split and Khoshtaria was among other several leaders who left the party and created their own political movement, European Georgia.

In the 2016 elections Khoshtaria ran as a majoritarian candidate in Tbilisi’s central Vake district but lost to the Georgian Dream candidate.

Earlier, in 2007-2012 Khoshtaria held the post of Georgia’s first deputy state minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration.

Khoshtaria is married with four children.

Top campaign promises:

  • Increasing assistance for financially challenged citizens
  • Creating jobs
  • Launching new infrastructure projects
  • Completing bypass railway project and moving railway line from central Tbilisi
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