What you need to know about the October 21 municipal elections

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The upcoming municipal elections on October 21 is being described as complex as the country’s people will elect hundreds of local officials.

Who will Georgians vote on October 21?

The state population will elect 2,058 members of 64 city councils (Sakrebulo) and 64 municipal mayors on October 21.

To win the Mayoral elections, candidates must clear a 50 percent threshold. If this is not reached, a second round of voting will be needed.

The run-off will be held before November 16, no later than the 25th day after the first round of elections.

Who participate in the municipal elections of 2017?

  • 375 mayoral candidates from different parties have been registered for the mayoral races throughout Georgia.
  • 4,727 majoritarian candidates for city councils have been registered for the race.
  • 22 political parties, 5 election blocs and 1 initiative group have registered their party lists for the municipal elections.
  • 16 political parties have presented their party lists for Tbilisi City Council.

5 political parties were refused to participate in the elections due to certain shortcoming or violations in their election documentation.

Voters’ list

3,440,123 voters are eligible to vote in the municipal elections.

Voters will have to vote on three different types of ballot papers.

Who is observing the 2017 elections?

71 local observing organizations have been registered to monitor the elections.

30 international organizations have addressed the CEC so far to observe the race.

74 media outlets have been registered to cover the election process.

Most inclusive elections 

The Central Election Commission (CEC) top figures state that the elections will be one of the most innovative and adapted for voters with disabilities.

This year many innovations were adopted in the election administration, in terms of improving human rights. By saying that, I consider persons with disabilities as well as voters who use different services. In addition, we have adopted significant services for political parties, namely, they may appoint their representatives via online registration system, and this successful pilot project is underway”, stated Tamar Zhvania, head of the CEC.

CEC is preparing to conduct elections in a professional, transparent and accessible environment for everyone,” stated Jerome Leyraud, Chief of Party of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES).

He said IFES, with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), is delighted to support Georgia’s election administration in organizing elections in the context of technical assistance.

Important dates for the elections:

October 21 – Election Day. Polling stations will be opened at 8 am and closed at 8 pm.

November 1 – Deadline for district election commissions to summarize the outcomes of Sakrebulo and mayoral polls (not the results in Tbilisi); final vote results should be submitted to CEC no later than November 2.

The CEC is scheduled to summarize the results of Sakrebulo and mayoral polls in Tbilisi no later than November 9.

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