New systemic changes in labour inspection to advance protection of workers’ rights

11 Jan 2017 - 14:56:00

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Georgia’s Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs aims to improve workplace conditions throughout the country with a series of new policies.

The introduction of mandatory labour inspections; the re-qualification of responsible labour inspectors and the provision of necessary, high-tech equipment to define temperature, humidity, dust, lighting and noise, are among the top goals of the Labor and Employment Policy Department of the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia for 2017

Summarising the achievements of the Department since its establishment in March 2015, Department Head Levan Zhorzholiani has introduced a series of upcoming improvements to be implemented within Georgia’s labour-inspection system.

Zhorzholiani said around 300 institutions have been inspected in 2015-2016 followed by relevant recommendations to employers on how to improve workplace conditions.

He also said re-inspection or repeated inspection at 157 institutions following an initial check-up has revealed tangible improvements. In particular, employees have received information on ways of protecting their rights as well as an increased sense of collective support among co-workers.

Highlighting forced labour and exploitation as well as occupational safety and health as the Department’s two main fields of activity, Zhorzholiani said labour inspection is a top priority on the agenda on Georgian-European Union relations, in addition to judicial, media and gender-related issues over the next several years.

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