What is the average salary in Georgia?

16 Dec 2015 - 14:52:00

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Men earn more than women in Georgia, and have a greater presence in the business sector.

Latest quarterly figures from the National Statistics Office of Georgia, Geostat, showed that men earned about 400 GEL more than women each month.

Figures released by Geostat today showed in July-September 2015 (Q3), female employees in Georgia earned an average salary of 697.3 GEL while a male employee earned 1,126.8 GEL.

In the business sector about 568,600 people were employed in Q3, said Geostat. Of this 59.8 percent were male and 40.2 percent were female.

The average monthly salary for men in the business sector was 961.1 GEL, while for women this was 698.1 GEL. The total value of salaries for all business people Georgia for Q3 2015 was 1.583 billion GEL.

Geostat noted more than half of all workers in the business sector were employed in a large business (60.2) percent.

The Geostat figures also revealed the average monthly salary of employees across a range of sectors. Collectively, the average monthly salary earned by staff by economic activity in Q3 was 930.1 GEL.

Average monthly salaries per sector: 

  • Financial intermediation – 1,499.6 GEL
  • Construction – 1,412.9 GEL
  • Public administration – 1,313.4 GEL
  • Mining and quarrying – 1,228.9 GEL
  • Transport and communication – 1,219.4 GEL
  • Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water – 1,126.2 GEL
  • Real estate, renting and business activities – 1,095.4 GEL
  • Health and social work – 843.3 GEL
  • Manufacturing – 825 GEL
  • Other community, social and personal service activities - 807.1 GEL
  • Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and personal and household goods – 791.1 GEL
  • Hotels and restaurants – 613.9 GEL
  • Agriculture, hunting and forestry – 592.9 GEL
  • Fishing – 478.7 GEL
  • Education – 470.5 GEL

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