Businessman Khazaradze presents 12 members of new civic movement Lelo

A top Georgian banker, Mamuka Khazaradze stated that the civic movement Lelo and the party he will create will have different functions. Photo: IPN., 18 Sep 2019 - 14:05, Tbilisi,Georgia

Businessman Mamuka Khazaradze, who faces money laundering charges in Georgia, has presented 12 members of the new civic movement, Lelo. 

 Khazaradze stated that Lelo will remain a civic movement, separate from the political party he will create in the coming months. 

Members of the civil movement will have a choice either to remain in Lelo or to join the political party,” Khazaradze said. 

 He stated that the members of the new political party will be selected via primaries, “with the involvement of our people.” 

Khazaradze vows cooperation with pro-western parties. However, says that the party he will create will have new faces. Photo: IPN.

The first 12 members of the civic movement Lelo are as follows: 

  1. Lana Galdava - a lawyer 
  2. Levan Bodzashvili - an expert in security issues and the constitution
  3. Teona Dolenjashvili - a writer
  4. Kakha Kozhoridze - a lawyer 
  5. Medea Metreveli - a philologist 
  6. Giga Gugushvili - a painter, professor 
  7. Saba Buadze - a member of the Civic Movement 
  8. Gigla Mikautadze - an economist
  9. Keti Enukidze - a co-founder of the movement Stop Corruption 
  10. Elene Melikishvili - a foreign policy researcher
  11. Gia Mordekhashvili - a businessman
  12. David Gelashvili - an economist

 Khazaradze said that the role of the civil movement will be to observe the policies of the authorities which will be elected to run the country.